Men. Tally. Sound.

Band together, stop the tally, turn up the volume on mental health.

Based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Mentally Sound Designs is the brainchild of local resident Tom Gergich. Inspired by his own and others’ personal experience with mental illness, Tom used art as an outlet to document the key milestones and people involved in his successful journey to mental health.

The unashamedly vivid images that Tom creates act as metaphors for the way he portrays his message about mental health in Australia. Tom’s bright, loud designs move away from the typical dark images used to portray mental illness, normalising the experience of mental illness, something that affects 20% of Australians aged between 16 and 85 alone.

Ultimately, Mentally Sound Designs aims to de-stigmatise the negative views held towards mental health issues by promoting greater awareness of depression, anxiety and other associated illnesses, encouraging people to find their voice, speak up and seek help.

Mentally Sound Designs hopes to engage people with wearable artwork and in turn help to create a mentally sound Australia.


Seek Help

Find your voice.